Vehicle & Component Testing

We put your vehicle and components through tests that are tailored to the needs and specifications of your product.


TSI Products’ state-of-the-art testing facility and laboratory can put your vehicle or component to the test by simulating both real-world and extreme conditions with the capabilities of complete climate control.

We understand the importance of knowing how vehicles and components operate under specific conditions, which is why we invested in the development and technology of our Climate Tunnel and its counterparts. Contact our testing experts today for a consultation.

Climate Tunnel

Makes full vehicle testing possible by simulating real-world conditions with both cold-chamber and full-heat climate control, a 200 horsepower blower with air directional vein technology, full solar load with side load capabilities, an all-wheel-drive dynamometer, streaming camera capabilities for remote viewing of testing, and a secure customer area with full security for the most confidential product development.

Environmental Test Chamber

We endurance test critical components at extreme temperatures - often in the same cycle. TSI’s capabilities to deliver extensive data of how products react at different temperatures is vital in component development.

Vehicle Dynamometer

Simulate long driving conditions, power runs, and system recovery analysis in a controlled environment with our all-wheel vehicle dynamometer, what we call the “dyno.” These functions and capabilities are critical to ensure components are meeting or exceeding performance goals.

Anechoic Chamber

The anechoic chamber provides a controlled, acoustical environment to evaluate noise emissions on designs. This has become more important with the development of electric and low-speed vehicles, as well as commitments by manufacturers to offer high performance products while limiting decibel interference.

Solar Array (Climate Tunnel)

Allows a full-spectrum lighting array to simulate solar loading on the vehicle from the top, front, back and even side locations of the vehicle. Fully adjustable for height and tilt capabilities, our solar array allows us to understand the impact of the sun in the most extreme conditions.

Thermal Imaging

Specific infrared image technology enables us to visualize the impact of hot and cold air, allowing us to maximize heat transfer and optimize air flow. Thermal cameras are very precise and offer unique, valuable information.

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There are many variables when it comes to testing. Temperature, endurance, sound, performance, environmental factors, and even real-life simulation.

Meeting the requirements of today’s top manufacturers requires comprehensive testing and results. That is why we provide in-depth, extensive testing – from individual components to full systems.