A lot has happened in the 35+ years since we started business, but one thing has remained consistent: our promise of providing the highest quality products to our customers.


With a rich history in its automotive roots, TSI Products emerged from its “Texas Saddlebags” background as the global company it is today – providing services at all stages of a products’ life cycle. All under one roof in the USA.


  • TSI Products is founded 1985
    Founded in Arlington, Texas, in 1985 as Texas Saddlebags, Inc.
  • Automotive Console 1985
    Begins manufacturing the first automotive console with storage and cup holders for vehicles of all types.
  • Expands Facility 1989
    As the business and employee staff grew, TSI expanded its home, creating a 40,000 sq. ft. facility.
  • Injection Molding Early 1990s
    TSI transitions from making consoles out of wood and vinyl wrap to plastic injection molding to reduce the cost and improve the look of their products.
  • Walmart 1998
    TSI sells their first items at Walmart, marking the beginning of a business relationship that still continues today.
  • Acquisition 2008
    Current ownership purchased the business and added three new divisions to the company.
  • New Home 2015
    TSI upgrades facility to accommodate the expanding business - moving to its current home at 807 110th St.