A crucial part of the process. Prototyping brings a part to life. With our 3D SLA Machine and CNC Plasma Cutter, our engineers have prototypes built efficiently and ready to test rapidly.


We are passionate about product development, which is why we love seeing ideas come to life through prototyping. Our engineering and design teams build prototypes to meet the specific needs of your product.

With a functional prototype, we will be able to test and review the product before it moves on to production.

3D SLA Machine

3D SLA Machine

Our top-tier stereolithography 3D printer is invaluable to the design process. By allowing us to grow temperature-ready parts rapidly and efficiently, we can quickly test revisions to optimize efficiency.

CNC Plasma Cutter

Machining (CNC Plasma Cutter)

We have the ability to cut through thick steel, aluminum, and other metals for a high-quality, precise cut on even the most complex components. These components can then be fabricated as support structures, brackets, or standalone components. We also offer powder coating for these as an option for our customers.

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Every prototype is unique. No matter the size your project calls for, we will build your prototype parts based on its functionality and your specific needs. Our prototyping team is ready to assist you today.